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Invest in yourself
Reflect your own natural beauty
Invest in yourself
Always feel
confident and fresh


Our keen attention to detail, professionalism and expertise has helped our clients achieve natural long-lasting results. Using state of the art equipment with a thoughtful approach to your procedure, you will walk out the door feeling more confident and self-assured than ever.


We offer a full range of cosmetic tattooing, waxing and tinting services

Microblading is the art and science of putting color pigment into the dermis of the skin by using a specialized instrument.

Similar to Microblading as we create the hair strokes and then use another specialized tool to shade in the brow to create a denser look. 

Ombré Brows is more of a soft natural powered looked for the eyebrows. Ideal for someone who has had a previous tattoo, oily skin or cannot get hair like strokes. 

Enhance the lash line by implanting the pigment between the lashes along the lash line which creates a fuller lash line for a natural look. 

The art of tinting the Lashes or Brows can give a refreshing look that will last several weeks.

Achieve a more symmetrical look and add color to enhance and blend with the natural color of your lips for a flawless appearance.

With the use of an electrocautery machine we can address issues such as Moles, Skin Tags, Cherry spots, Broken Capillaries and Age/Sun spots. 

This is a non-surgical way to remove pigment that has not been ideally applied to the skin.

My goal is to make women feel confident about themselves by reflecting their own natural beauty through permanent makeup.

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