Shannon At Reflective Beauty Boutique in Calgary

My goal is to help women feel confident about themselves by reflecting their own natural beauty through permanent makeup.

Shannon Kornylo

Being a modern woman in today’s world isn’t easy. We are wives, mothers, friends, career women, housekeepers, event planners, daughters, sisters… Sometimes all of those things at once, and we don’t usually put ourselves first because lack of time.
So how can we help? Well wouldn’t you love more time for yourself every morning? Wouldn’t you love to feel the confident in your own skin without having to apply makeup every day? Wouldn’t you love to feel more radiant, more youthful, and roll out of bed with your natural beauty enhanced? Wouldn’t you love to hit the gym, chase the kids, or tend to the house, without having to worry about your makeup wearing off?
With the cosmetic tattoo industry exploding right now we are proud to help women reflect their own natural beauty through Permanent Makeup. Our keen attention to detail, professionalism and expertise has helped our clients achieve natural long-lasting results. Using state of the art equipment with a thoughtful approach to your procedure, you will walk out the door feeling more confident and self-assured than ever. A superb experience in a safe and comfortable setting!
We maintain a very clean establishment with excellent studio hygiene. We have met the highest standards of quality and are AHS inspected, approved and insured. We are proud to stay up to date with the all the requirements needed to maintain a professional environment.
I started by taking my first cosmetic tattoo course here in Calgary. I have been doing cosmetic tattooing for over 5 years and is specialized in different styles of brows. I have trained in Canada and the U.S., but most with world-renowned industry leaders Daria Chuprys, Kristina Melnicenco, and on-line with Girlz Ink, Beaute Academy and Tess Marti.

Trained with industry leaders
in permanent makeup 

12x certified artist


AHS approved and inspected studio, plus 

Blood Borne pathogens certified

Natural long lasting results