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Microblading is the art and science of putting color pigment into the dermis of the skin by using a specialized instrument.

Similar to Microblading as we create the hair strokes and then use another specialized tool to shade in the brow to create a denser look. 

Powder Brows is more of a soft natural powered looked for the eyebrows. Ideal for someone who has had a previous tattoo, oily skin or cannot get hair like strokes. 

Enhance the lash line by implanting the pigment between the lashes along the lash line which creates a fuller lash line for a natural look. 

The simple art of tinting the lashes or brows can give a refreshing look to the face that will last several weeks.

Achieve a more symmetrical look and add color to enhance and blend with the natural color of your lips for a flawless appearance.

We offer a variety of skin treatments that can help your skin look more refreshed and reflect your own natural beauty.

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This is a non-surgical way to remove pigment that has not been ideally applied to the skin.