Tap into a whole new (under-served) market. Expand your toolkit with permanent makeup
for mature clients

Did you know that 80% of cosmetic beauty clients are over the age of 55? Permanent makeup services for mature clients offer a huge opportunity for your business… if you can do it well. But these clients often find it difficult to book services. Why?

Because permanent makeup artists don’t understand which colors and pigments are suitable for mature skin. Or which needles to use and machine speed settings to choose.

Because of this, many mature clients have a lot of bruising or bleeding, making it hard to see your work. And most of all, artists are scared of oversaturating brows, scarring clients, and cutting too deep.

If these are why you’re not offering permanent makeup to mature clients, you’re not alone.

But the potential for business growth is enormous.

So, what if you could…

… confidently book in a half dozen new mature clients without hyperventilating?

… guarantee to avoid patchy or too-dark results?

… get ongoing referrals, connecting you to your clients’ moms, grandmothers or community?

Imagine getting reviews like this one (from our client)?

I recently had my first set of powder brows and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. I highly highly recommend this service, its a life changer. Over the last 3 weeks many people I know keep asking me if I changed my hair or what did I change, claiming I look 10 years younger. Even my son said, WOW mom your eyebrows look awesome!
Edna Brant

It’s possible.

A self-paced online course that will move you from “I can’t do that!” to “Bring it on!” when booking and servicing mature skin clients.

Forget about expensive, in-person training courses that don’t deliver what you REALLY wanted to know! The flights, hotels and meals. And we don’t need to talk about being trained on equipment that you don’t actually have.

This one-of-a-kind online course is a game-changer for permanent makeup artists who want to service mature skin clients but are confused and frustrated with their results.

Expand your knowledge and services and grow your business confidently serving all skin types.

Never have that moment of panic when an older client walks in and you say to yourself: “Oh no. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to work on this skin.”


Be more relaxed going into those appointments and know how to adjust your technique.

Get those natural-looking, even, soft results on mature skin – on repeat. THEN get more referrals from those clients, so their friends come to you too.

Even if your (current) ideal client is younger, what would it mean to take care of their loved ones?

What would it mean for you to ease their daily lives? Many mature skin clients have medical conditions that have caused hair loss, or maybe arthritis or trembling that makes it difficult to apply makeup.

You got this!

What you’ll learn

Starting with how skin type affects the tattooing process, we teach you how to mix color and outcomes, and how to anticipate the way your clients will heal.

Then we progress to what needles to use and how to adjust your tools to best suit your clients’ needs. 

We’ll give you step-by-step guidance on how to improve your results with mature skin.

What’s included

Year-long (365 days) access to the course and materials

Year-long (365 days) full access to your instructors for guidance and support. 

Monthly coaching calls will be scheduled to answer questions

Membership to an exclusive private FB Group*
*Where you can ask questions and get advice from a group of like-minded artists
*Instructors will also post extra tips and tricks for services for mature skin

You’ll walk away with

More confidence because you know how to approach mature skin differently, how you need to adjust your technique with mature clients versus younger clients.

How to properly mix pigment for mature skin types so you can get better results (and they become raving fans)
Increase your income by becoming an expert in your area on mature skin so you serve a wider range of clients
No more turning away clients who you once thought were more of a challenge
Understand what styles look better on more mature clients versus the more defined sculpted brow the younger clients want

What is your investment to have all of this amazing training and knowledge – with access to the instructors with years of experience – for a full year?

The KOR Education PMU Services for Mature Skin Online Course is now only $500!

That’s less than $2 a day. Less than your daily Tall Frappuccino.

And you can make your investment back in just one new client visit.

Special Bonus — Limited Space

Our first 50 students will receive an unbelievable discount of 50%, with the next 25 registered students will receive 25% off the price.


One-Time Payment

of $500


*You’ll be added to the private Facebook Group once you’ve completed the payment

You will love this online course if:

  • You ever thought about expanding your clientele but are worried about your lack of experience with mature skin
  • You’ve realized there is a whole audience out there that’s being neglected (and has the disposable income to buy your services)
  • You want to increase your confidence to deliver amazing results. Every single time. For every single client.

What Our Mature Skin Clients Say

(and what they could be saying about you)

I was quite worried about committing to powder brows given how long they last and well, its...your face. However, Genee's work is stunning! I should have done this years ago. She is highly professional, skillful, and truly an artist. She took her time explaining everything thoroughly, answered all my questions, and was able to shape my brows to compliment my face better. Highly recommend!

Shannon exceeded my expectations! She matched my brow color perfectly. Shannon is very knowledgeable and really listens to her clients. Shannon called a couple days after my first treatment to ensure i was healing ok. Her boutique is very clean and welcoming.
I would highly recommend her. I know that i will never go anywhere else. She is amazing!!!!

Meet Your Trainers

Meet the artists behind KOR Education!

This course is brought to you by Shannon Kornylo, owner of Reflective Beauty Boutique and Genée Czako, owner of Brow Envy.


Hi, I’m Shannon!

I had my eyebrows done many many years ago. I loved the results so much that I started my journey on how to get the education I needed to become a permanent makeup (PMU) artist.

I opened Reflective Beauty Boutique in 2016 and haven’t looked back. I made it my mission in the last few years to master the application technique for mature skin. There was trial and error.

The majority of my clients fall into the mature skin category.

I have always felt that everyone deserves BROWS! So providing this service to women who really need it is very rewarding.

My clients are everyday women who are looking to make things a little easier. Whether they’re older and don’t have as steady hands as they used to for applying makeup or they’re busy moms and professionals who want to have a bit more time and ease every day with already-applied makeup.

I always provide my clients with the best education so we can make a decision that will be best for them and the long-term results of PMU.

This is a luxury service and we want our clients to feel like they are the most important when they are in our clinic.

I feel the same way about this online course.

“I want to provide training to other artists so they can create that amazing feeling for their clients.”

Hi! I’m Genée!

Since childhood, I have been naturally artistic, slightly obsessed with the “math” of human faces and in love with human biology. These traits, plus unbridled childhood optimism, created my desire to be a plastic surgeon. A goal I worked towards for the better part of her education until family tragedy left me unable to pursue my dream.

Afterwards, I lost focus for a time. Moving from one job to another, I looked for something that would satisfy the passion I once had. I believed I was driven by my love of biology, so I became a Cardiology Technologist.

While on maternity leave, I found Microblading and Permanent Makeup. At the end of my fundamentals course, I knew I had finally found “it”. The elusive, biology-based, artistic outlet I have craved my whole life was in PMU.

My medical background provides the knowledge to SAFELY perform cosmetic tattooing. My obsession with facial “math” ensures I choose the most complimentary shapes, styles and colours for my clients. My passion for this business drives me towards perfection and client satisfaction.

I have the same tenacity and drive in my personal life. I’m a dedicated wife, mother, and professional mentor in the Permanent Makeup Community.


“I may have taken the long road here, but I am better because of the journey.”

Get the answers you’ve been searching for!

From experts in mature skin services, with over 10 years of experience. Learn from reputable artists who are passionate about supporting you in your journey to learn how to better approach mature clients differently.

Imagine getting reviews like these ones!

Christie Belle
Read More
Today I had my final touch-up appt with Shannon Kornylo at Reflective Beauty. What a treat it has been getting to know Shannon. She is so professional and down-to-earth….my kind of gal. Not only did Shannon fix my incredibly botched lips but also made a masterpiece of my eyebrows and eyeliner. I love love love the work she does. Her attention to detail is top-notch. Ladies, do yourselves a solid and get Shannon to do your permanent makeup. You won’t be sorry.
Claire Selinsky
Read More
My brow area was very difficult to tattoo because I had over-tweezed for years and years, which made the skin around my brows thick and almost leathery to work on. That being said, she managed to give me nice eyebrows which I haven't had in approximately 13 years. I used to spend hours trying to get the right shape and color when filling them in myself. I'm so happy that I found Brow Envy and I would strongly recommend Genee to everyone who wants permanent make-up!

What happens if you don’t say yes today?

Nothing. You have the same skills and clientele you have right now and business will stay as it is.

If you’re happy with that, then we’re happy too.

However, if you’d like to tap into a profitable market of amazing clients who are begging for permanent makeup done well then, for the price of ONE NEW mature client, you can, for a limited time, take advantage of this special discounted offer.

This is the first and last time, 

the KOR Education PMU Services
for Mature Skin Online Course 
is just $500

That’s less than $2 a day.

Our first 50 students will receive an unbelievable discount of 50%, with the next 25 registered students will receive 25% off the price.

Yes, I’m ready to upgrade my skills and get great results!

Still have questions?
We’re here (like we will be for the full year once you register).

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