Comparing The Different Stretch Mark Treatments

Comparing The Different Stretch Mark Treatments

When skin is stretched and shrunken repeatedly, it results in stretch marks. Although this skin condition is not gender specific, it is more common in women due to pregnancy, hormones, etc.

If you have stretch marks, don’t worry, they aren’t harmful to your health in any way. However, we do understand that their appearances can be bothersome and may result in low confidence.

Fortunately, there are a variety of stretch mark treatments available that can help to minimize their appearance. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective stretch mark treatments available, so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

Let’s get started:

Paramedical Tattooing

Paramedical tattoos are a form of permanent makeup that helps camouflage scars, skin discoloration, and of course, stretch marks.

This cosmetic procedure doesn’t make your stretch marks go away, but it uses pigment to disguise it as healthy, normal skin. It is a great option when you want a quick solution to minimize the appearance of your stretch marks.

Keep in mind that it is an invasive procedure and involves the use of a tattoo machine to deposit pigment under the skin. We suggest that you only trust a professional permanent makeup artist to do the job. 

A trained and well-reputed professional will schedule an appointment to discuss the outcomes and results with you before going through the actual process.  


Retinoid is a derivative of Vitamin A, and it comes in various strengths. They are also found in the form of creams, lotions, gels, serums, etc.

However, they all work the same way, by stimulating the cells to make new healthy collagen and improving the healthy growth of new blood vessels. Over time, tretinoin makes the skin smooth, radiant, and nearly flawless.

However, tretinoin takes a long time to show organic improvement. It even takes years for some people to see significant improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks. Retinoid creams of stronger strength may also need a prescription.

Also, note that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers cannot use retinoids as they can harm the baby.


Microneedling is a popular treatment for several skin conditions such as acne scars, large pores, and wrinkles. Few people know that it is also very effective at treating stretch marks.

Think about it. Microneedling promotes the growth of new skin by accelerating cell turnover. As a result, it increases the production of collagen and elastin. All this triggers the skin to get into self-healing mode, and as a result, it ends up improving the appearance of stretch marks.

This treatment for stretch marks might not show results as fast as paramedical tattooing, but they do show visible differences after 3-6 sessions. Bear in mind that a trained and successful permanent makeup artist pairs up micro needling with carefully curated serums and essence for the best results. Make sure that you choose an artist who knows what they are doing and is a master of their craft.

Inkless Stretch Mark Technique

The inkless stretch mark technique is one of the most brilliant ways to treat stretch marks.

Here’s the science behind this technique. Think of a piece of cloth that is stretchable. No matter how much you stretch it, it will still retain its original appearance. However, if you do the same with a regular piece of cloth, it will either lose its shape or start tearing up.

This is precisely how stretch marks are formed. When the skin loses its elasticity and is stretched or shrunk due to pregnancy or weight loss, it develops streaks.

The solution is simple, right? You reintroduce collagen and elastin to the skin, and it will start to heal on its own. This is where the inkless stretch mark technique comes in. The method uses needling to encourage the skin to reconstruct. Reflective Beauty Boutique in Calgary uses a formula containing vitamins, serums, and organic oils that stimulates cell turnover and the production of collagen, resulting in an even skin tone.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a very common and effective skincare treatment that works by removing the outer layer of dead skin to stimulate the growth of newer and healthier skin cells.  

The dead skin cells are burned down using acidic solutions and the glycolic solution is often the first line of choice. Chemical peels differ in their types depending on the concentration of the acid.

Mildly concentrated acids can be used to conduct superficial chemical peeling at home. You’d feel a slight burning sensation but nothing you can’t handle. However, deep chemical peeling is only done by trained and certified dermatologists and although it is more intense, it also shows faster results.

Laser Therapy

There are a variety of laser therapies used to treat stretch marks in different stages of development. This is a comparatively newer approach and new ways are being introduced daily.

For instance, excimer laser therapy uses UVB rays to correct stretch marks and it’s believed to show results in 2 to 4 months. Pulsed dye laser therapy uses a bright light to improve collagen production and calm down red and inflamed stretch marks. However, fractional Co2 laser therapy is employed when dealing with old, white stretch marks.

The downside of laser therapy is that it can take up to 20 treatments to finally see some results and these therapies can get quite heavy on the pockets.

Reclaim Your Beauty at Reflective Beauty Boutique

Have you been looking for stretch mark treatments in Calgary, AB? Look no further.

You can now reclaim your beauty and flawless skin at Reflective Beauty Boutique. Book your appointment now and let our expert team help you rediscover your confidence with our effective and affordable stretch marks treatments.

We take great pride in letting our clients take the steering wheel. We start with a detailed consultation so we can learn about your expectations. We then suggest a treatment method best suited for you, once you agree, we get to work.  

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