What is the difference between Microblading and Powder Brows

What is the Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows?

Having well-defined, natural-looking and perfectly shaped eyebrows is the dream of every woman. Today, however, even men are jumping on the bandwagon to get their eyebrows treated to look sharp and sexy. 

Eyebrows are one of the most significant facial features and without them, our face looks incomplete. They act as a balancing facial feature. They provide a frame to our face and give our eyes a more prominent look. Hence, it is important to have eyebrows that are perfectly shaped every single day.

There are two different ways to achieve the desired shape of eyebrows; powder brows and microblading. These two are the most popular methods chosen by people who aim to look their best wherever they go. 

Below is a guide explaining the difference between the two. This will help you get a greater understanding of what each procedure does so you can choose the best one for you!

But first….What Causes Sparse Brows?

Before we move on to their differences, we should first understand the workings of these procedures, how they mitigate sparse brow conditions. Both microblading and powder brows are permanent makeup treatments for sparse brows.

Having sparse brows is a condition in which the affected individual starts to lose their eyebrow hair. This causes their eyebrows to lose hair mass and they start to get thinner. This also causes the eyebrows to lose their shape and have a patchy look.

Sparse brow condition occurs due to several reasons. One such reason is aging. Both men and women start to lose their eyebrow hair due to aging. Sparse brows can also be caused by excessive plucking, threading, and waxing at a young age.

Other reasons for sparse brows include genetics of the individual, they being born with them, or loss of hair in brows due to hormonal changes. Nutritional deficiencies can also cause eyebrow shedding in many people. 

To treat sparse brows you can opt for one of the many procedures available in the market. However, most of these procedures are temporary. 

Brow gels, brow pencil, and brow powder are some of the most common temporary methods of correcting sparse brows. These procedures are labor-intensive and time-consuming. One also needs to learn about the correct brow shape for their face, color, and filling techniques to make it work. 

On the other hand, permanent makeup procedures such as powder brows and microblading, are done by beauty experts. They can advise you to make informed choices, and the eyebrows will last for a considerable amount of time. Let’s learn more about each of these procedures.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading has exploded in popularity in recent times and there might be few people who have not heard about it. It has become one of the most successful treatments for sparse brows. 

Similar to the tattoo procedure, microblading uses a hand-held tool with a group of pins at the end of the hand tool. With the group of pins we create a hair-like texture on the brow skin that simulates the look of a hairstroke. It uses skin-safe ink which gives your eyebrows a fuller and shapelier look.

Having a discussion with your permanent make up artist will allow you to have the desired shape of your eyebrows. Microblading will allow you to have luscious brows and give them a well-defined cut. The color of your hair and skin tone can be matched by the microblading expert so it does not look out of place with your natural features. Once you have decided and chosen the look you want to achieve, your permanent makeup artist will apply numbing cream on your brows and start the procedure. 

The entire procedure lasts for 60-90 minutes. The ink will be deposited just under the top layer of your skin.  The hand-held device is used by the technician to make controlled strokes with the needles, much like scratches. 

Once you have had your session, you will be given a set of aftercare guidelines. You can also expect redness, discomfort, and a light shedding once the procedure is completed. When your brows will start to heal, the redness and discomfort will subside.

Microblading results can last anywhere between 18-24 months depending on the skincare routine, type of skin, and lifestyle.

Regular touch-ups will increase the  lasting effect of the procedure.

What Are Powdered Brows?

Powder brows is another permanent makeup procedure that can correct sparse brows. This technique is also known as ombre brows or micro-shading. The procedure is more or less similar to the microblading procedure however we use a machine with different configurations of needles instead of a hand tool.

If we compare the microblading procedure and powder brows, the latter gives a more subtle and disguised look. Making your eyebrows look natural. 

Powder brows are preferred by people who want to correct their sparse brows. The technician will whip or shade the color into the skin instead of stroking ink in a hair-like pattern so it is a little bit different. 

Powdered brows have a lasting result because the pigment/ink is deposited onto the skin. The procedure can last up to 2-3 years with touch-ups required to maintain a desired look.

If you compare the results of powder brows with microblading, powder brows give a more intense look initially but they fade after a couple of days, giving your brows a softer, natural look. Therefore, some people prefer powder brows vs microblading. 

The procedure allows you to add layers of pigment and gives a much denser look. If you are someone facing sparse brows due to aging, you should go for the powder brows procedure.

Which Technique Is Right for You?

Each of these procedures has its own pros and cons so choosing one of them can be difficult for you. At the end of the day, it all depends on what kind of look you want, your skin type a skilled artist will guide you in the right direction

However, as a rule of thumb, people with oily skin should choose powdered brows because microblading does not respond well to oily skin types.

People with mature or more aging type skin will have better results with powdered brows and more lasting effects.

Looking for Microblading or Powder Brows in Calgary, AB

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