Powder Brows Vs. Microblading for Oily Skin

If you are a true makeup geek, you must be aware of the fact that Permanent Makeup procedures are gaining popularity like wildfire, with brow treatments topping the list.

Among the most well-liked brow procedures are Powder Brows, a relatively new addition to the market, and microblading, which has been around for a while.

So, is Powder Brow better or Microblading? This is a question that is often on the minds of those looking for a way to have perfect brows especially those with oily skin. 

Every procedure has its pros and cons. However, one thing remains constant that can determine the outcome of a treatment. That is your skin type.

Today, we will be going over the most anticipated confusion of our times to help you decide how to bump up your arch game. 

Are your brows prepared to delve into the mystic world of brow treatments? Yes? Let’s go then!

Exploring The Realm Of Powder Brows And Microblading

A permanent makeup technique called Microblading can help achieve a range of looks, such as adding hair strokes to your eyebrows to fill them in or shading them to make them appear fuller. Nonetheless, the most well-known aspect of microblading is the hair strokes that the PMU artist creates with a hand-held tool consisting of tiny needles to fill your eyebrows for them to have a profound impact. 

On the other hand, Powder Brows, also known as Ombre Brows, require a permanent makeup artist to use a digital or hand-held tool to apply pigment to the eyebrow skin to create an ombre-like shaded effect—thus the name. Powder brows are known for creating a defined result, making it look like you have just filled in your brows with a cosmetic pencil.

Is Oily Skin Ideal For Powder Brows or Microblading? Let’s find out!

As we mentioned before, one of the deciding factors of how your brows look post-treatment is your skin type.

When you go to a professional artist for any of the two procedures, the first thing they will examine is whether your skin is oily, dry, normal, or a combination. 

You must be wondering why. This is because your skin type dictates several important factors, including how long the treatment will last, how quickly your skin will heal, and how top-notch the result is.

As a result, each skin type needs unique tips and techniques, with oily skin needing extra attention and care.

Oily Skin: Are You Prone To Shine?

Oily Skin produces an oily, waxy substance that clogs the pores, making it shiny, greasy, and acne-prone.

However, oily skin can be a seamless luxury if you take care of it. It stays hydrated and gives you the perfect amount of radiance making you prone to shine, and you know what? It ages well, too. 

But luxuries do not just come in handy, and this is why permanent makeup artists often treat oily skin with utmost care and attention to produce finer outcomes. 

Since oily skin gets treated with pure expertise, let’s find out whether Powder Brows is ideal for oily skin or if it is microblading that takes the lead!

Flawless Finish: Do Powder Brows Conquer Oily Skin?

Powder Brows is a minimally invasive procedure and a very low-maintenance one. 

Since this treatment is performed with a machine, it allows for a precise application, which is why this treatment suits almost every skin type, and it truly conquers oily skin, navigating the path to the perfect arch. Remember, “behind every beauty is a great brow.”

Powder Brows absorb excessively released oil and last for at least 2-3 years on oily skin. But to ensure good results, you must find a professional artist who guarantees quality with every stroke of the needle.

Oily Skin: Will Microblading Pass The Anticipated Test?

Microblading, while a transformative brow technique, can present challenges on oily skin and fail to provide ideal results. Because the skin produces sebum, the pigment gets pushed out quicker than usual, resulting in softer strokes and less defined results. 

Unlike other skin types where microblading can last up to three years, this may not be the case for people with oily skin. Those with oily skin may experience quicker fading and smudging due to excessive oil. This means more touch-ups are necessary, leading to higher overall costs.And the results just don’t last.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Oily Skin: Is It Possible?

Well, beautiful, turn that frown upside down. You can still get microblading done if you want. However, managing microblading on oily skin requires a careful and precise approach.

Hence, a skilled artist knows that the key to flawless microblading is adapting to your unique skin type. When dealing with oily skin, an experienced artist will schedule at least 2 appointments for your microblading procedure.

In the initial session, the artist will leave gaps between the strokes to prevent them from smudging. To ensure the desired results, the artist will fill in all the gaps during the next appointment.

However, you should keep in mind that the procedure will require more touch-ups on oily skin, and you will probably need a touch-up before reaching the one-year mark. 

But worry not. With proper care and the right artist, you can extend the life of your stunningly done micro-bladed brows well beyond one year and make it worth every penny.

Calgary’s Choice: Elevate Your Look with The Reflective Boutique

In conclusion, powder brows are regarded as safe for all skin types. However, when it comes to oily skin, powder brows still take the crown because they deliver a more refined appearance and a flawless matte finish. 

So, selecting a qualified artist is essential for everyone, especially for those with oily skin. 

With that in mind, we have great news for you. If you live in Calgary, AB, look no further than Reflective Beauty Boutique to transform your brows. Our dedicated team of experts uphold the highest quality standards and safety measures, ensuring an enhanced and more confident you.

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