How To Shower After A Brow Tattoo

How To Shower After A Brow Tattoo?

The days of persistently panicking about the shape and appearance of your brows are long gone. 

Thanks to permanent makeup procedures such as microblading and powder brows we women can now enhance our natural brow looks while avoiding the hassles of everyday makeup. Say, hello, to picture-perfect brows!

A Brow Tattoo procedure involves the use of specialized needles that implant pigment into the dermis of the skin using skilled hand movements to help create false hair strokes or a more dense look with a powder brow. The best part about getting a Brow Tattoo is the fact that the entire procedure is almost painless with results that can last for years!

In this article, we will learn about how to shower after a Brow Tattoo and the different aftercare tips and tricks you need to be aware of. 

Getting Your Brows Tattooed – What To Expect?

Microblading and Powder Brows are on the rise! Celebrities, influencers, and working women are all lining up for the opportunity to have flawless brows that require little to no maintenance. 

The procedure begins with a licensed artist measuring your brows carefully to determine their start and end point. Based on the measurements an experienced artist will then recommend a suitable shape and color that matches your skin tone and hair color.

Once the shape and color are decided the artist will then draw a rough outline over your brows to ensure they look symmetrical, identical, and natural for the best results.

Next, the artist will then use a specialized hand tool or PMU tattoo pen to implant the pigment into the skin in a manner that represents natural hair strokes or a soft powder look. During the procedure, numbing cream is applied to ensure pain levels are kept to a minimum. 

The entire process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete depending on the complexity of the work in question.

How To Shower After Getting a Brow Tattoo?

Once the procedure is completed it is essential to keep your eyebrows clean and follow the aftercare instructions given by your artist. This will help increase the longevity of the pigment and prevent it from fading away. This does not mean you can’t take a bath or wash your face; you will just have to take certain precautions.

To help ensure that you are able to shower without damaging your newly done tattooed brows, here are some useful tips: 

Take A Shower With Lukewarm Water

Do not shower with cold water or steamy hot water. Cold water can cause your skin to shrivel and contract, whereas, hot water and steam can cause the area around your brow to become moist and damp which can adversely impact pigment life.

So a warm shower is recommended !

Cover Your Eyes With Shower Eye Shields

While taking a shower, cover your eyes with shower eye shields to protect your tattooed brows from getting wet. You can also apply a protective coating of your aftercare ointment and clean off when you are finished with your shower.

Never Face The Shower Head

Keep your face away from the shower head while washing your hair. You can do this by using a flexible head that can rotate freely in any position.

Never Face The Shower Head

Keep your face away from the shower head while washing your hair. You can do this by using a flexible head that can rotate freely in any position.

Use Clean Cotton Rounds 

You will use clean cotton rounds and wipe your brows with distilled water 2x a day morning and night before applying ointment

What If Your Eyebrows Get Wet After Microblading?

It is better to avoid activities like swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, and workouts that make you sweaty. Bacteria from sweat can cause unwanted problems such as infections. Avoid applying any moisturizer, chemicals, or makeup, for the first two weeks except for any creams or ointments that your artist has recommended.

It is essential that you stick to your artist’s guidelines to prevent early fading and discoloration. .

Finding The Right PMU Artist Near Me!

Finding a skilled and reliable permanent makeup artist or studio that is right for you requires four main steps:

1.    Search for an artist or studio with good reviews.

2.    Ensure they are licensed, experienced, and certified.

3.    Check their portfolio (before and after procedure photos).

4.    Compare their prices with other studios in that area.

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Our Calgary Microblading Artists are some of the most illustrious and popular artists in not just Alberta but all over Canada. With hundreds of reviews and an exceptional track record, our aim is always to go above and beyond our customer’s needs and make their visual desires a reality. 

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