What Does Micro-Needling Do for Your Skin

What Does Micro-Needling Do for Your Skin?

Most beauty trends that we see on our social media feeds end up being a sham. However, we assure you that you can find some true gems somewhere in that clutter – micro-needling is one fine example of that. This beauty practice is also known by the term derma-rolling. You’d be surprised to know that this trending beauty technique has been around for ages, and has been used by estheticians for treating countless skin problems. 

In the skincare industry, micro-needling has to be one of the best and smartest discoveries ever. Sadly, most people don’t know about this wonderful treatment, and those who do, recoil at the thought of having needles near their face. We plan to educate so that people struggling with skin problems become aware of this amazing option at their disposal. 

Let’s learn about micro-needling and what it can do for your skin:    

What is Micro-needling? 

Micro-needling or derma rolling are the common names of the procedure. The professionals often refer to it as collagen induction therapy, a name that defines the procedure much more accurately. Micro-needling is a procedure in which several micro-sized needles are used to make minuscule punctures in the skin. We know, it sounds scary but the more you learn about the procedure, the more you’d realize that the benefits of the procedure outweigh a minor discomfort, at most.

What’s the reason behind making those punctures in the skin? It’s quite simple. When the skin is punctured with microneedles, the skin’s healing mechanism is triggered and it instantly begins the healing response. As a result, the old and dead skin cells are shed and the skin is rejuvenated. With micro-needling, you get brand-new skin.  

In young and healthy skin, this process is natural and the skin renews on its own with the high collagen production. However, as we age, collagen production decreases and the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Micro-needling is an external force that encourages collagen production, and that too, non-invasively. 

The procedure boosts collagen production and elastin, as a result, the skin becomes plump and youthful. Micro-needling also increases the absorption of active ingredients in skincare products, allowing the serums to go deep into the pores and work effectively. 

How is Micro-needling Performed?

This is the part people are most curious about because let’s face it, the idea of having needles puncturing your skin isn’t too attractive. Rest assured, a professional would follow a couple of necessary steps prior, to make the procedure completely painless for you.

First off, the skin is cleaned with an antiseptic wipe. Then local anesthesia or numbing cream is administered to eliminate any chances of pain or discomfort. Next, either a rolling device or a stamping device is used to puncture the skin. The needle size is adjusted accordingly, and the esthetician applies pressure and rolling/stamping motions with professional precision. People who conduct derma rolling at home often end up dragging the skin and causing more scars in the process.     

During the procedure, when the absorption is high, products with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, and peptides are used generously. After the procedure, there is redness on the face and in some cases, slight bleeding. The redness subsides within a few hours or a day at most, and the result is seen almost immediately.  

What Does Micro-Needling Do for Your Skin?

Despite knowing that the procedure is safe and painless, many people fail to understand what would cause a person to puncture their face. The answer is quite simple, the results! Micro-needling offers a range of benefits for the skin and helps treat many problem areas. From anti-aging to tone improvement, micro-needling instantly gives your skin an envious glow. 

Here are some of the many benefits of micro-needling: 

1- Anti-Aging

One of the most stubborn skincare issues involves fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning and sagging skin. These skincare conditions are signs of age and wisdom, but not when you get them prematurely. Premature aging signs on the skin mean that collagen production is declining rapidly and sooner than it normally would. Micro-needling saves the day, not just by increasing the absorption of effective anti-aging products but also by boosting collagen production. 

2- Scars

Acne tends to leave its traces behind in the form of scars. These scars are of different types and micro-needling works best on inward scars. Micro-needling breakdown the scarred skin and rejuvenates the skin with new cells. After a few sessions, the scars are either entirely gone or minimized in appearance by a huge percentage.  

3- Stretch Marks

Similar to acne scars, stretch marks are stubborn and part of the skin tissue. Micro-needling coaxes the breakdown of these tissues and encourages the growth of new ones. After a couple of sessions and the right products, the stretch marks reduce in appearance substantially. 

4- Pores and Skin Tone

Some people struggle with subtle skin issues such as textures and tone. Enlarged pores are also a common skin care problem that bothers many. Micro-needling works to improve the overall health of the skin, which leads to smoother and more even-toned skin. Age spots, sun spots, and hyper-pigmentation fade effectively after a few sessions of micro-needling. The procedure also reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, when used in conjunction with hydrating products. Rosacea redness has also been observed to reduce with micro-needling. 

5- Dead Follicles

One amazing and lesser-known benefit of micro-needling is the stimulation of dead follicles. Micro-needling stimulates the dead and dormant hair follicles and encourages hair growth in them. It also works wonders when combined with other hair growth treatments.  

While micro-needling and dermaplaning can be conducted at home with a small-needle device available to all, the best results can be seen with professional treatment. Micro-needling is an excellent treatment for maintaining the overall health of your skin. Once you get addicted to the good results of micro-needling, you’d find it hard to stop. The professionals also pair up the treatment with the right products or sometimes, with a laser treatment to tighten skin tissue.  

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